Postepay Online Casinos

The Italian Postal service offers a PostPay card that can be utilized in paying for postal and financial services at any time of the day. This service can be used not only in Italy but in other parts of the world. You are provided with a prepaid Visa electron card. This card can be recharged whenever you feel like. It is meant for players who want to fund the online casino accounts or to withdraw their winnings. This method has become very popular in Italy because of the security that you get from using the service. Casinos that have regular Italian players usually employ these services in order to accommodate the players.

How PostPay works

Only Italian players can use but other casinos outside of Italy offer these services for their Italian players. For them all they have to do is get it from a post office. The PostPay cards are easy to recharge. The Italian Player doesn't have to have a bank account not a credit card in order to get the PostPay card. They card is reloaded when the player goes to the post office and pays so as to put money into it.

In order for the Italian player to fund their online casino account they must first choose the debit card as the option of depositing. Then pick Visa Electron in the card brand. When asked the name of the bank they should type PostPay.

Pros and Cons of PostPay

One of the advantages of these Visa Electron card is that it is free. The card can be used just like any other Visa Card and can make payments for goods and services be it on land and the internet. They can also use the card to remove money from an ATM.

The disadvantage of the PostPay is that only residents of Italy are privy to this option.